UNICO Sport Jet GFK white

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Unico Maxi sport jet GFK white

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  • glass version
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Wingspan : 300 cm - Lenght : 292 cm - Weight : 15 kg Special features: The Unico is designed and builted entirely by ARG Sas, with the aim of providing customers with a giant aerobatic trainer model that encloses all the characteristics of a easy sport Jet to begin flight operations with the turbine propulsion. The special attention paid to the choice of profiles and fiber construction, made it possible to obtain a model with a low wing loading, just 155 gr/dm2, that allows a takeoff from asphalt and from grass after only 20 meters and a really low speed during the landing with a very small turbine of 160 Nw. The accurate internal engineering made it possible to obtain a fast and easy model to assembly even for those who have no experience in building models with turbine propulsion. The Unico is the perfect choice to become part of the wonderful world of the Jet with a giant model built entirely in Italy to guarantee an high quality of Made in Italy .

Kit contents:

-Main Tank in composite

– Uat

- Complete Secraft balls Linkages

– screws and every thinks needed to complete it

except :


-L.G. and radio system.

– Exaust pipe


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UNICO Sport Jet GFK white

UNICO Sport Jet GFK white

Unico Maxi sport jet GFK white