Aviomax - Aviation Turbine Oil


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The New Turbine Oil formulated, specifically, for RC-Model Turbine - 200 cl

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Synthetic lubricant with high AW (Anti-Wear) characteristics for
use in those gas turbines where the product is directly mixed
with kerosene.

PAKELO AVIATION TURBO OIL EVO 2 is a high quality lubricant formulated with selected synthetic base stocks and a specific additive package that increases turbine life and working efficiency.

The product provides high reliability even under heavy-duty conditions, thanks to the following properties:

- High thermal-oxidative resistance, also thank to the use of synthetic base stocks, that ensures
sludge formation control;

- Good detergent properties that allow correct cleanliness of the combustion chamber and that provide,
at the same time, excellent lubrication of mechanical components;

- Very high anti-wear properties: the product helps in minimizing potential wear caused by heavy or
pulsed loads in gear-driven turbines.

- Strong anti-rust properties that allows the optimal maintenance of lubricated components, preventing
corrosion. This decreases maintenance operations and components substitution while improving the
equipment efficiency and reliability.


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Aviomax - Aviation Turbine Oil

Aviomax - Aviation Turbine Oil

The New Turbine Oil formulated, specifically, for RC-Model Turbine - 200 cl